2005 - 2018

The 'FED' company received a certificate of ISO quality standards for the production and overhaul of aircraft, ships, land vehicles units.

During this period, the company participated in the creation of the Ukrainian 'An-148' aircraft. 19 types of units for 'An-148' aircraft, 'AOD-42', 'NT-40', 'DTsN-42', 'RS-42', 'NT-4', 'DF-42', 'ADT-42', 'NT-12' were designed and produced.

Engine control systems for the 'AI-222-25F' engine were developed, 'NR-3VM (VM-A') fuel control unit in the 'NR-3BN' was upgraded.

The company has developed flight control systems for the first Ukrainian boost engine. The units were developed for the Ukrainian 'AI-450S' engine mounted on a 'DART-450' light-engined aircraft (produced by the Austrian company Diamond).

The 'FED' continues to work on the cooling systems production for telecommunication satellites of the Franco-Italian company 'Thales Alenia Space'.

The first Ukrainian helicopter MSB-2 'Nadiya' is equipped with units of the 'FED' production company.